Eye Tonometers accord. Prof. Schioetz (Schiotz, Schiötz)

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Many years of experience in the field have made
Schioetz (Schiotz, Schiötz) Tonometers a speciality.

Your advantages are:

Easy handling
Elegant design
Anodized scale mount which is highly resistant to
  sterilizing wear
Independence of sources of current
Delivered in smart padded metal cases, easy to carry with

The tonometer with the curved, titled scale is a special favourite,
as the values can be read from the top much more easily.

Following types of Tonometers are available:

Tonometers with straight scale
Tonometers with inclined scale

You can choose between the following colours:



Special versions possible:

with Allen Retractor
with mirror backed Scale for parallaxe free reading
with additional 15.0 gr. weight